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    About us in few short words

    We are group of people who observe with passion the changing reality, ask about others needs and provide them solid and based on the latest trends products ranged from bathroom and kitchen fittings and water, heating and gas installations.

    Invena is the country’s leading specialist in bathroom and kitchen taps, showers, baths and basins.

    O nas - historia

    For more than 25 years we have specialized in the field of water, heating and gas installations.

    We began with ball valve imported from Italy and further through all theese years we have been gathering knowledge and experience. What is more we have been developing our: business and offer. To give an example we have started our own production of flexible hoses with metal braid – this is the most well-known Invena’s product. In our offer you can find also cross-linked polyethylene systems, black, brass and chrome plated connectors or bathroom and kitchen fittings.

    For us bathroom and kitchen fittings are sperated branch of the assortment which we try to constantly learn and develope with keen interest.

    At present wide range of our offer is an answear for differential needs at the: building and furnishings markets.

    Primarily we are focused on functionality and interesting design. Therefore our products are appreciated by installers, architects, and users who can enjoy the daily, home activities for many years.


    We have 25 years of experience in the field!

    Historia Firmy

    Historia timeline

    1. year 1992

      The first delivery of sanitary fittings in our history came to Gdansk. These were Italian ball valves.

    2. year 1993

      We started our own production of elastic hoses in metal braid.

    3. year 1994

      We have received the first Golden Installer statuette, which was and is a great honor for us in the building industry.

    4. year 1995

      We received the title of "Company of the Year" '95 for achieving economic results.

    5. year 1996

      We have completed the construction of the modern headquarters of Invena (then Gama San) in Koszalin. In one place we concentrated our warehouses, spacious production halls and office space.

    6. year 1997

      We bought new machines for the production of elastic hoses in metal braid, so we improved their quality and production capacity.

    7. year 2000

      As the first in the installation industry we received ISO 9002 quality certification. The quality management system was implemented by ourselves, without any help from outside.

    8. year 2002

      We started the production of a completely new assortment of corrugated pylons.

    9. year 2003

      Gama San's quality management system has been re-certified to ISO 9001: 2000.
      For the third time we have obtained the "Enterprise Fair Play" certificate.

    10. year 2004

      We introduce to the Polish market a new brand of Invena installation products.

    11. year 2005

      For the second time we have received a Golden Installer statuette.

    12. year 2009

      We have changed the name of the company from Gama San S.A. to Invena S.A. The decision was the result of the success of the Invena brand.

    13. year 2012

      We have implemented a quality management system in accordance with PN: EN ISO 9001: 2009. The company underwent rebranding: we refreshed the logo and changed the packaging design.

    14. year 2016

      We have finished the construction of Logistic Center Invena LOG.


    Bathroom and kitchen fittings

    Plesure flows with passion! We would like to make that everyday shower became to real plesure. We are focused not only on durability and functionality, but also on interesting design.

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    Installation products

    Reliable, durable, versatile - these three features are our priority! We recognized the importance of them during Mark Kaminski's expeditions, such as had to be equipment during hikes such are our products.

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